Why was Flix Snip started ?



The ways of consuming entertainment are rapidly changing in the modern world, with the transitioning from traditional TV to smartphones, laptop and tablets. For that reason, leading distribution platforms (mobile operators, cable TV/internet providers, online platforms, etc.) are looking for shorter form, premium/curated movies and series to offer to their current and future subscribers.


Our team brings together expertise, both in worldwide distribution of entertainment services and in programs acquisition, to create Flix Snip; an online platform which offers curated, award-winning, international series and movies in short format - under 20 minutes. We created a product perfectly adapted for people in today’s busy world.

Flix Snip has already launched with several of the largest telecom and mobile companies around the world in a successful B2B2C model that allows a rapid expansion whilst offering different revenue streams. Early metrics demonstrate that consumers are loving Flix Snip and are ready to keep watching, so we are currently working in multiple additional distribution partnerships in four continents.

Flix Snip has already generated over EUR 250k in revenues and is now ready to grow bigger and faster in scale!