Why invest in Flix Snip ?


Target markets

Flix Snip represents the next generation of entertainment. Under 20 minutes, premium, curated, quick to watch content.

Entertaining everyone in the family, Flix Snip is perfect for people in today's busy world. Watch while you wait, during your commute, or whenever you want. Choose your adventure with dramas, romance, comedies, thrillers, and more.

Several media players are now studying how to enter the market of short format movies & series, but we are ahead of the curve! We are already established, launched in several countries and with major partners.

In our views, our current partnerships give Flix Snip a very strong comptetive advantage.

Large media companies will inevitably have to consider Flix Snip as a potential competitor to acquire or to partner with.

Below is a link to our founding and on board partners: