How to invest in Flix Snip ?


Our partner MtPelerin has created one page for our fundraising campaign. Check it out :

There is no other investment platform covering Flix Snip Fundraising. We do not have Raising : 3M CrowdFunding : 1 500 000 CHF Institutional investors : 1 500 000 CHF

What are the specificities of Flix Snip's STO ?

Flix Snip STO has multiple specifities and advantages:

  • Tokenized Shares Offering with a legal value in Switzerland. Our tokens have been emitted with by our recognized partner MtPelerin

  • Raised funds are held in MtPelerin ESCROW's account until the first goal is met

  • All legal rights associated to shares are applicable to Tokenized Shares like for example dividends

  • Fast and reliable shares trading on Ethereum Blockchain