What is Flix Snip ?


Flix Snip is an App and Video On Demand service that features exclusive, premium and curated award-winning, short form movies and series designed for life’s little breaks. First officially launched in January 2019, Flix Snip is already available in Russia, Spain, Italy and Singapore, reaching over 70 million mobile OTT and IPTV users. The Flix Snip app and VOD service is available worldwide to mobile providers/manufactures, cable operators, telcos, OTT, IPTV, VOD platforms and video streaming services, providing them with the opportunity to embed Flix Snip on their platforms and provide their customer base with premium/curated content to watch on the go!

What do we offer ?

Flix Snip currently offers around 400 premium short format movies and series annually. 80% of Flix Snip’s content has been awarded or nominated in the world’s top international film festivals with renown actors and directors.

Flix Snip films are created to enjoy in 20 minutes or less and can be watched on the go. Flix Snip offers all genres of film, from all over the world, for all ages.